Up close and personal with the elephants

One of the things we do on Okambara is observe the elephants’ feeding behaviors in order to determine what a sustainable number of elephants are for a given size of farm. Some days we can see them easily, and other days they are difficult to see. (It’s absolutely amazing to me how one can “lose” a herd of 9 elephants on a farm!) The other amazing thing is how QUIET they can be. Sure, they trumpet at each other every once in a while, but normally they are near-silent. Pretty amazing given their size.


So this is normally what we see:_G8Q7124


But we came around the corner and saw this:












2 going…


2 going x 2…


gone…without a sound!


Here’s our encounter the other day:


Back in Namibia

I’ve been back in Namibia for over a month now, and it’s so different than last year! Same lovely landscape, yet they had a good rainy season so the trees have leaves and the acacia are blooming right now. It’s really beautiful here and it’s good to be back!





My sad attempt at a selfie…



The entire elephant her at Sandposted water hole.



Group 3 is all female…we rock!

BMW Rally in Minnesota

Last week I worked the BMW Rally in Minneapolis, MN, and it was so much fun to work that event. It was great to be back on the demo team, and we had a spectacular route to ride–almost 60 miles every group. At 5 groups per day, that was a lot of miles clocked on the newest, state-of-the-art BMW motorcycles! I think I got to ride every bike in the fleet!

We had such a great team this year setup and tear dow was a breeze, and man! was it nice to be greeted getting off the bike with a cold bottle of water! Thanks BMW and Power Trip Industries for asking me to be a part of the team!






Why I love International Airports (2)

Here are pictures from Monday at the Munich airport:

Fun space! (Not the boring America idea of what an international airport should be.)

Fun space! (Not the boring America idea of what an international airport should be.)


Mmmm...whichever shake shall I choose?

Mmmm…whichever shake shall I choose? (I chose an iced coffee and a carrot-ginger shake. Talk about a wake-up call!!!)



Breakfast, German style.

Why I love International Airports (1)

I love them because they’re so different. I get to see cool things. Plus, it usually means I’m either on my way to or from visiting a great place on my bucket list. Here’s the Tel Aviv airport:

Tel Aviv's Ben Gurion International Airport

Tel Aviv's Ben Gurion International Airport

Israel is not for the feint of wallet! I stopped here to get a less-than-mediocre milkshake and it was more than $3!!!


Tel Aviv's Ben Gurion International Airport

Tel Aviv's Ben Gurion International Airport




Israel – TAMAR Tour is over and I’m headed home

Well, the motorcycle tour Israel is over now and I am en route back home to LAX .  By the time you get this, I’ll be flying over some portion of the United States. I’ll keep posting pictures and videos for a while…it was an amazing trip full of wonderful people. The Israelis are so warm and friendly, and so welcoming to their country.

Just watch out for the free range camels :-)




Israel – Riding in Israel – Last Day


Riding back from Jerusalem to Tel Aviv…next stop? Jaffe Port for lunch.


Road contrtuction along the way. Nope, can’t miss that!


Seen along the road back to the hotel…


Safely parked at the hotel.


Think the roads in Israel are great based on my use of the back tire? (If you’re reading my blog and you’re not a motorcyclist, by looking at my back tire you can tell the roads were curvy because I used almost all the rubber on the riding part of the tire. If the roads are straight, well, then you just have wear down the middle.)

Israel – Day 8 – Retrieving the motorbikes from the Car Park

Leaving Jerusalem: I’ve ridden in a lot of crazy places, but an elevator in the car park?!? I’ve never seen anything like this. (The Europeans I was riding with laughed their heads off at me–evidently they’re quite common where space is more limited.)

(If the video does not come through the email, here is the link: http://youtu.be/_RvArWaZKro )


Israel – Day Three – Fun with Food Pics

Mom always told us not to play with the food, but yesterday the heat got to me. We had a yummy lunch in Akko and I guess I found the salt shakers highly amusing.

Turnips in Israel

Interesting color…I had to try one. (Turnips prepared in a beet sauce.)



Stewed tomatoes (Israeli style)

Stewed tomatoes (Israeli style)


“Salad” (which is any version of chopped cucumbers, tomatoes, cilantro, maybe some corn, with a lively light vinaigrette dressing)

Clean Plate

Finished! (That red stuff? The Israeli version of ketchup. Tastes good, but it’s not good ‘ole Heinz!)

Turkish coffee

Turkish coffee after the meal (I tried it but it’s too strong for my taste)