First Pictures from Death Valley

And of course they are Edward’s because I am working on deadline this week. (Thanks for the picture share EW!)

We found some cozy camp sites:


Amazing stars show that night. We got raided later that night by some wandering critter. Learned our lesson and sealed the kitchen box up tight the next time. :-)


We also got caught up on our sleep. With nighttime temps sometimes below freezing, the warmest place was in the sleeping bag.

Looking forward to morning sunshine.

Looking forward to morning sunshine. Spoiled me. Edward usually gets up early and brings me tea.

Back in Southern California

I’m back in Southern California and everything is upside down, starting with my sleep schedule. I did okay yesterday surprising Edward and getting up at 4:30 am with him. Then I fell asleep on him at 6 pm.

Now I’m up at 2 am (well, it would be noon in Namibia!)  It’s not really a problem since I have lots to attend to having been out of the country for 4 months, but still…I wouldn’t have minded sleeping until 4:30 again. Maybe I’ll bother the cat. Wait, smart cat; she’s busy sleeping too…



Endings and Beginnings

Well, I am no longer on Okambara. Today I fly home to the USA. I’ve enjoyed my time there so much–sometimes more than others depending on the group dynamics–and I will always carry a piece of Okambara and the animals and my experiences there over the last two years with me.

I spread the last of my Dad’s ashes this week while working here on the Biosphere Expedition’s Namibia project . I spread the first half into the Gulf Stream while working on Biosphere Expedition’s Azores project.

It’s a time of endings–letting go–of regrets, what-ifs and long held beliefs. I won’t be returning to Namibia next year as I’ve decided to stay closer to home the next two years and focus on my own projects. I’ve also decided not to return to the Azores next year.

It’s a time of beginnings because I have signed up to lead Biosphere’s Peru project next year. New project, new part of the world. Other new projects include launching my motorcycle tours for women, and staying closer to home and seeing what kind of life I can lead in Southern California. So many exciting things on the horizon.

Sun rise on the vehicle game count

Sun rise on the vehicle game count